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"This is one of the few personal development books I have not been able to put down."

- Miles Fryer, Amazon Buyer

At a time in life where there's so many uncertainties, one thing is for sure... We need to enjoy what we have and our time on earth. I came across this book when looking for presents for my father and talk about a positive impact not just on my outlook of life but also the way I conduct myself say to day. I am seeing such a great outcome from these changes that I will be buying a few more copies for Christmas for friends I know will massively benefit from the content. Great book, great buy and advise snapping it up before they are all gone!!

Peter Howell
Amazon Buyer

When I found out about this book I started reading and became completely involved because it is the most sensational book I have ever read.
It tells you how to identify and find a path of success and I was amazed how simply Leila has put into words. It is a must read book and cannot be ignored.

Amazon Buyer

Brilliant book that really makes you think. A lot different to other books like this as it not only talks about what it means to be successful, but gives handy questions at the end of each chapter which really make you go away and analyse your own life. Have already started using and thinking about a lot of topics in this book. Great read.

Amazon Buyer

In the beginning of 2015 I met Leila for the first time. What is especially striking me is Leila's passion, an incredible urge and will to achieve goals. You also might say "a Busy Bee" who infects others in a very positive way! "Success Redefined" describes specific and very organized how every individual can redefine their own success. This book reads very easily and is, as far as I am concerned, an incredible "Must Have" in each library!

René Deceuninck
Amazon Buyer

I consider this book to be a GEM. I read it in 2 days and could not put it down. A very simple to follow journey with lots of magic moments written in a simple to understand language and presented in an excellent structure. What I liked in particular was that Mrs Singh coaches, so helps the reader to investigate and find answers from within him- or herself yourself, rather than presenting a solution. 5 stars.

Simon O
Amazon Buyer

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